Some Creative Solutions to Soil Drainage Problems

Areas of poorly draining soil, particularly in gardens and around driveways and pathways, can mar the appearance of the landscape and create other problems as well. People tend to avoid these areas, both because they're unattractive and because they're difficult to move through—especially after a storm. But there are some creative solutions that not only address soil drainage problems but also transform the places in which they exist into appealing features of the landscape.

A Fire at Home: Would Your Children Know What to Do?

The thought of your home catching on fire is enough to fill anyone with dread. Your home, the items that fill it—these things can be replaced. If your home was to be affected by a fire, the most critical thing is that everyone gets out safely. Does your family have a fire safety process? Most workplaces and educational institutions have them, and yet the place where you spend the majority of your time (and where the people you love also spend the majority of their time) might not have one in place.